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Did You Know?

The number of babies born with NF in the United States Every Day is 4

Newly Diagnosed with NF?  We are here for you.

1) Do not panic. You are NOT alone!

2) Please contact us at any time. We are here to help you find answers.  Whether you are the parent of a newly-diagnosed baby or are newly-diagnosed yourself… You are NOT alone.

3) We recommend you sign up for our “Stay iNFormed” Newsletter, join our Inspire NF Support Group and Community Discussion and sign up for the RDMD NF Registry to become connected with our larger NF Network Community.  You are NOT alone.

If you are like most of us, your first thought was, “What is NF?”

We have an outstanding community here at NF North Central to support and guide you through the steps to process an NF diagnosis and what it means right now for you and your family. We have been in your place: feeling afraid, overwhelmed, full of unanswered questions… We are here to help you navigate your NF journey.  You are NOT alone.

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